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Foot Care for Sports Related Injuries

Many sports are hard on the feet because of quick repetitive movements, constricting footwear, and/or increased exposure to injury or trauma. If you have suffered a sports related injury to your foot or ankle call us at MLG Podiatry Group to schedule an appointment.

Our goal is to get you back on your feet and back in the game of life. We will work with you in the prevention and management of sports and fitness injuries to your ankles and feet. We want to assist you in enjoying your sports activities and maintaining an active sports lifestyle.

Pediatric Foot Care

Foot Care for Sports - Pediatric Foot Care in Pittsburgh, PA
Children with foot issues early on can develop all types of problems from walking/running problems, to self-esteem issues because of embarrassment. Pediatric foot pain can come from inadvertent foot trauma or accidents to nerve and ligament issues.

If your child is displaying symptoms of foot or ankle related injuries, it is important to seek medical attention quickly. At MLG Podiatry Group we will take the time to properly diagnosis your child's ailment and will recommend a form of treatment to get them back on their feet.

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